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Giveaway Extravaganza!

Grand Prize (1)

Become a Character

We turn you into a blocky character and you become a permanent part of the game!

Steam key

Winner chosen July 31st, 2017.

You'll get a free copy of course.

$100 Steam Gift card

You could buy all your friends a copy. Or not.

Winners chosen July 27th, 2017.

Two winners chosen July 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, and 26th, 2017.

Enter now!

Launch Day prize (5)

steam key

You receive a copy of the game the day it launches and hopefully have time to play it. 

Waiting Sucks Prize (10)

$20 Steam gift card

Bide your time with other awesome games while you wait for ours.

Grand Prize
Launch Day Prize
Waiting Sucks Prize
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